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Doctor Masterson started his college studies right here in Toms River NJ at Ocean County College. He then transferred to Stockton State College to continue his basic studies. After realizing his dream to become a Doctor of Chiropractic, he completed undergraduate studies at Life University.In 1997, after completing all prerequisites for Life's graduate school of chiropractic, he was accepted and started the chiropractic program. While in school Dr Masterson worked at a nearby clinic (Wood Family Chiropractic) as well as performed all clinical studies needed to graduate. While in school, Dr Masterson also received his certification in physical therapy as well as nineteen different adjusting techniques. After graduating, Dr. Masterson continued to work for Wood Family Chiropractic for a year and then migrated to Dale City VA, were he worked as an associate chiropractoratAshdale Chiropractic and Physical Therapy. While working there he learned functional rehabilitation from Dr Howard VanNostrand, who was trained out of Holland's school off functional rehabilitation. It was after all that real world training and apprenticeship that came back to New Jersey to head up his own office and put all of his training to work.

To date Dr. Masterson is now the Clinic Director at Masterson Chiropractic restoring health to his patients. His latest venture is in the field of Therapeutic Laser Therapy and is very exciting. Advanced Class 4 Laser Therapy offers relief and recovery to areas of the body such as knees, shoulders, ankles, wrists and hips, as well as spinal areas. Dr. Masterson looks forward helping as many patients as possible with today’s technology.

Dr. Edward Masterson

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